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schoolgirl peace


just because it's a new year or whatever. i want to be able to write more stuff in here, so im...downsizing? i don't know.

anyway. if i cut you & you want back in, comment to this post...ideally i won't suck at teh internets & it'll be public.

otherwise, it was nice knowing you, no hard feelings, it's the internet, kids.

also, if i cut you & were in comms together, i still like you. it's just that communites are different from my journal.

that's about it. feel free to tell me to fuck off or whatever.

but i truly wish everyone the best new year possible.


I always enjoy reading your journal, but if you don't want to re-add, it's all good I guess.
I'm also not sure if I was cut but I do wish you all the happiness and best wishes for the new year
peace :)
i would like to be re-added, if you don't hate me too much, hah.
otherwise, i wish you all the best!
hope I'm not cut hun ;)
Hey! Add me?
just wondering where you found me from...?
Just changed user ID, used to be xfathx
I found you on add_me_ed. I am 5'3, 101 lbs, ed-nos but mostly with anoretic tendencies, and thought I'd like to add you. Add me back if you'd like :)
adding back

it's a bit ironic to say this in reply to a friends cut post

but i am adding you

i've seen you everywhere in the last few years under my several journals.

so yes. don't have to add me back, but i'm pretty awesome, so i would if i was you.
Hi. Add me? I found you on the Buddhist community.
I haven't been in LJ for a while ..but I thought of you and ...well I don't know ..I thought I would say "hey" ..I hope things are good ..are you still living in France ?...anyhow I hope you are fine ...
saw your post in teh buddhists comm, interested in following your lj for a while to see if you're as interesting as you seem you might be. if you're willing to add me, i'll add you. (none of my posts are friends only, in any case...)
hey, this is allison (old user = daydreamingx) i got a new lj, so add me back if you'd like :)
okay adding back :]
what happened?

adding you here.
i would like to add you to my friends list. i liked the description about yourself and see we have a few simliarities, and id like to be friends (argh, i hate introducing myself to new people on lj, you never know what to say). hope you dont mind!

so hi! im hayley, im 23 and im trying to grow up too...one day....


ok. added. nice to meet you. :]
p.s. you are beautiful!
we used to be friends, probably on pleapods?
anyways, i'd like to be again. add me back?
Hi! I love the quotes in your profile and I'm looking for more people on here who are into travel, and voilà I found you.



i'd like to start following your journal again, if you'd not mind?

hope you've been well since we last talked... ages and ages ago. and then briefly. =P

that is all!
ti ho appena aggiunta ai miei amici!
ciaoo =D
schoolgirl peace

December 2006

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